We develop strategies to upgrade the democratic system to the 21st Century.


DemocracyOS is an open-source web application designed to improve the chances of citizen to participate in decision-making processes. This is the technological manifestation of our main mision: to bring the political system closer to those behaviors and technologies of this century.

Civic stack is a showcase for open-source civic tech. It has been designed collaboratively as a window to show together all these technologies that are meant to empower citizens.

SOLE crafts self-organized learning environments, based on the pedagogy of Sugata Mitra. It involves many children, a few computers and one big question. The Internet transforms the way we learn, also in the schools of Buenos Aires.

¿Qué democracia para el siglo XXI?

As social and political activists from all over Latin America we wonder: What democracy can we build in our social and technological context?

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Who we are

Agustín Frizzera

Executive Director

Sociologist with a major in urban management. Porteño (from Buenos Aires), music and films lover and something more.

Ana Lis Rodríguez Nardelli


Anthropologist, researcher, militant. A lot of poetry and a lot of fun.

Don Powa


Curious, dislexic and compulsive. Emotional optimist and brain pessimist.

Esteban Brenman


I make @trilapp

Florencia Polimeni


Political scientist with a vocation for exploration. Crafting, traveling, mother, art collector and militant.

Guido Vilariño

Software Consultant

Rock. Clear explanations of complicated hacking concepts for granted. Lean product design guru.

Inti Bonomo

Pedagogy and Politics

or political pedagogy actually. Sensitive Man and Funk Fundamentalist

Mariano Lopata

Director of Education

Psychologist; Specialist in Methodology and Director of Research in SOLE Argentina. Part of SOLE Argentina. Precise teacher of simple and powerful ideas. Distinct master of simple and powerful ideas

Martín Galanternik

Director of Projects

Political scientist. Founder and director of Minu. Everything you have to know to organize.

Matías Lescano

Software engineer

Pragmatic programmer with an eye for design and chronic good mood.

Sebastián Fernández


Designer, photographer, joke teller, owner of a beard.

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